San Pablo Cowboys Youth Association

About Us

COWBOYS organization2015 The San Pablo Cowboys Youth Association (SPCYA) is a non-profit organization that offers a diverse youth football and cheer program which provides a positive and productive outlet for all children. The SPCYA provides programs and an environment to ensure the youth remain active, hopeful, and encouraged to make good life decisions. What We Teach and Do The San Pablo Cowboys Youth Association (SPCYA) teaches youth to build character, become team players, and evolve into responsible young men and women. Through strategically designed programs, the SPCYA teaches youth the principles of:

• Unity • Humility • Thankfulness
• Serenity • Integrity
• Passion • Servant hood.

Our Goals

The San Pablo Cowboys Youth Association’s goals are to develop perpetual youth programs that will provide our youth with the tools necessary to excel and be successful in life. Three such areas of focus are as follows:

• After School Programs
• Education Programs
• Mentorship Programs.



"To remain increasingly relevant throughout the world, we must focus immediately with the concentration of a laser beam on our most critical issue of the 21st Century."
"That issue is Educating Our Youth!"