San Pablo Cowboys Youth Association

SPCYA - Game Day Cheer Requirements

The following requirements are cheer game day requirements:
  1. All SPCYA cheerleaders are required to cheer for the entire game (4 quarters).
  2. All SPCYA cheerleaders are required to cheer throughout the regular season and playoff games.
  3. All SPCYA cheerleaders are required to be in uniform if performing (uniform means shell, skirt, socks, and tennis shoes).
  4. Water breaks should be a maximum of 5 minutes or less and all cheerleaders should not go at any one time unless it is during half-time of the applicable game.
  5. Bathroom breaks should be at halftime. Bathroom breaks are not a team event. All cheerleaders should not go at one once if the game is going on.
  6. All SPCYA cheerleaders are required to perform at halftime (Ex. Cheers and Chants) of each 
  7. The home team is required to go meet the visiting team and do a friendly cheer to their crowd and vice-versa. (Please note this is not time to play cheerleader games that you learn at camp).  
Cheerleaders are responsible for their warm ups, bag, and camp wear; these items are available in a package from select stores. Check with Cheer Director to find out best pricing available to purchase.
NOTE: Cheerleaders are also responsible for purchasing cheer warm-ups, cheer bags, and camp gear.  See the Cheer Director for further information.

Cheer Divisions

The cheer program is divided into the following 6 divisions

Division Age
Tiny Mites 5-6 
Cadets 7-8 
Jr. Pee Wee 9-10 
Pee Wee 11-12 
Jr. Midget 13-14
15U 14-15