San Pablo Cowboys Youth Association

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Every athlete starts somewhere. Nobody just picks up a ball and instantly becomes the star of the sport. For most athletes, that somewhere is at the youth level. Youth leagues, like the Cowboys, allow kids the chance to try something new. It also gives them the opportunity to test drive the sport of football. San Pablo Cowboys Youth Association will offer a diverse football program that will give the children the ability to travel to numerous cities and compete against various football programs. Our participants will be awarded for their accomplishments in athletics as well as scholastics to assure them that they are always a winner just for taking the initiative to do their best.

Andre L Williams Sr., Athletic Director of SPCYA, believes that parents should embrace this time in a child's life which allows them to grow and develop by trying new things. So whether a child ends up playing football past the youth level or not, they can have the opportunity and experience to see for themselves.  With AYF NORCAL training and coach certification programs, you can have peace of mind knowing that the people who are teaching, mentoring and molding your kids have the best education available.

To those who have aready decided, we are pleased that your child has chosen to participate in our football program. It will be a commitment that requires 100% from both yourself as a parent, and your child. This is SPCYA's inaugural year and we are looking forward to a positive and exciting year for all.


Documents Required to Play

The following documents are required to play:

  1. Registration Form
  2. Birth Certificate (certified original)
  3. Current Year Sports Physical
  4. Full Year Report Card (all four quarters must be on report card)
  5. Emergency Form
  6. Image Release
  7. Waiver and Release

Eligibility Requirements

The SPCYA Eligibility requirements:

Any youth age 5 to 15 is eligible to participate in Football. All participants must maintain a 70% or better grade average.